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Nancy Lee Lewis

About Nancy Lee Lewis

Since I was an itty bitty girl I wanted to be an artist and a mommy. Now that my children are all raised I have time to devote to being an artist (and a grandma).

I love to paint people and tell their stories. I always look for the good in the world.

I grew up in Licking County, Ohio (Heath, Newark, St. Louisville). I moved out west when I was 20 and have since lived in Utah, California, Texas, Illinois and briefly in Germany (Bavaria).

For a small girl from rural Ohio I've seen a lot of the world. I dreamed I might visit Hawaii some day. I never expected that before Hawaii I would visit India, Morocco, China, Egypt, Germany, France, Dubai, Austria, England, Switzerland, Japan, Thailand, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, Abu Dhabi, and Canada eh!

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